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BerniePortal announces new OneAmerica partnership

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BerniePortal's partnership with OneAmerica

So, why doesn't BerniePortal just make it easy by giving benefit providers and payroll companies direct access to its database? 

The answer: It does! 

Using BerniePortal's native billing solution, BernieBill, carriers such as OneAmerica can issue bills directly through BerniePortal, eliminating the need for any integration at all. Because BernieBill pulls information from BerniePortal's real-time database, carriers are able to issue correct bills without the connecting piece. OneAmerica is an insurance company offering Life, STD, LTD, and Lump Sum on employer paid or voluntary life benefits. 


How our partnerships work

Well built systems are composed of three layers: a data layer, a rules layer, and a presentation layer. 

The data layer hosts information, the rules layer tells the system what to do with that data, and the presentation layer is how the system presents the data and its functions. 

In order to transfer data form one platform's data layer to another platform's data layer, there needs to be a connecting piece– an integration. The problem is, integrations can be difficult and time consuming to orchestrate. 


About OneAmerica

In a world where stability has increasing value, especially for financial services companies, you can count on OneAmerica. OneAmerica has built a 140-year foundation of strength, and will continue to thrive and grow by keeping commitments to stability and ongoing policyholder value. 

OneAmerica has become one of the fastest-growing mutual insurance holding companies in the US. Today, the companies of OneAmerica rely on the national network of financial professionals to provide customers with products and services, including: 

  • Retirement products and services
  • Individual life insurance and annuities
  • Asset-based long-term care
  • Employee benefits


Helpful Resources

OneAmerica + BerniePortal Webinar 

OneAmerica + BerniePortal Webinar Slides


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