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BerniePortal April 2019 Dynamic Duo Spotlight

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Broker Partner + Client Success

BerniePortal is more than just a software platform to its licensees—it’s a partnership! In order to demonstrate our commitment to this partnership approach, we’ve asked broker partner Corrie Van Eck of Ieuter Insurance Group (IIG) and her Client Success Team Member, Terrell McWhirter, to share their experience as a team. 


Ieuter Insurance + Terrell McWhirter

What Corrie has to say about the partnership

Corrie van eckThere have been several times that we have come down to the wire with a client, have last minute meetings, or have come across some issue in the middle of open enrollment. Terrell is always there, always knowledgeable, and VERY fast with turnaround – even during evenings and weekends! He helps us help our clients every day and continues to impress our agency with his level of commitment to our partnership. We feel so supported by our BerniePortal team and are so glad we started this journey! 

-Corrie Van Eck, Ieuter Insurance Group

 What Terrell has to say about the partnership

Corrie and everyone at Ieuter Insurance Group have jumped all-in on using BerniePortal. They've made it their goal to add the majority of their book of business to the system in the past year, which we were successful in achieving. Not only that, but Corrie is always so great at understanding the "ins and outs" of BerniePortal, learning about the system and taking ownership over tasks in BerniePortal. These are some of the many reasons that she and IIG are a pleasure to collaborate with. I'm excited to get to see what they have in store for me and BerniePortal this year. 

-Terrell McWhirter, BerniePortal Client Success 

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How Client Success sets BerniePortal apart



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