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BerniePortal August 2019 Dynamic Duo Spotlight

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Dynamic Duo: Korthase Flinn Insurance & Financial Services + Lauren Massingille

BerniePortal is more than just a software platform to its licensees—it’s a partnership! In order to demonstrate our commitment to this approach, we’ve asked broker partner Heather Engel at Korthase Flinn and BerniePortal Advisor Success team member, Lauren Massingille, to share more about their partnership and experience working together.

What Heather has to say about the partnership

BerniePortal stood out amongst many potential partnerships due to the service model that Lauren and the BerniePortal staff provide. As we quickly approach our first anniversary with BerniePortal, Lauren continues to guide us every step of the way. Her response time to our requests is not only quick, but she works to better understand our needs and the needs of our clients, while continuing to find creative solutions to whatever curveball we throw her way (and we've thrown quite a few)!

Lauren and the BerniePortal team have elevated our competency to the level where we manage a majority of operational tasks in the system. As a result, Lauren remains available for the more complex issues. Additionally, she always keeps us in the know on additional features BerniePortal has available to help service our clients - like BernieBill and COBRA.

We consider Lauren an extension of our team, and through her ongoing guidance - we know we will continue to grow and enhance the value we offer our clients.

- Heather Engel, Korthase Flinn 

What Lauren has to say about the partnership

Everyone at Korthase Flinn has really amazed me with how quickly they understood all things BerniePortal. They are all genuinely invested in doing everything they can to make things as efficient as possible for their clients, and incorporating BerniePortal into all of their processes. Their team has been incredibly successful (the agency in the 2018 cohort with the most active users!), and I feel proud to have been their partner throughout that process.

The relationship I have built with the team at Korthase Flinn has been a really special one, and I always look forward to our meetings and catching up with everyone. I'm excited for our continued successes together!

- Lauren Massingille, BerniePortal Advisor Success 

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