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BerniePortal February 2019 Dynamic Duo Spotlight



Broker Partner + Client Success

BerniePortal is more than just a software platform to its licensees—it’s a partnership! In order to demonstrate our commitment to this partnership approach, we’ve asked broker partner team,  Harding Brooks Insurance Agency (HBIA), and their Client Success Team Member, Courtney Cox, to share their experience as a team. 


HBIA + Courtney Cox

How long have you worked together?

Almost a year! (10 months as of February '19.) 

What HBIA has to say about the partnership
We love that since our partnership with BerniePortal, we now can provide a solution to help our clients manage their HR administration. The clients that we have put on BerniePortal thus far have shown us that through the process of implementing the portal, we become more than just an insurance broker, we become a strategic advisor to their HR processes and administration. BerniePortal also provides us the necessary information to do our job as a broker more efficiently and effectively.

Our BerniePortal Client Success person, Courtney, is right at our finger tips to answer any and all questions – which help us advise properly and in a timely manner.  We can’t be happier with our choice to partner with BerniePortal.

- Harding Brooks Insurance Agency (HBIA) Team, NY
 What Courtney has to say about the partnership

The team at Harding Brooks Insurance Agency has taken full advantage of what BerniePortal has to offer, from Onboarding– to Benefits– to maintaining Compliance. They are an extremely knowledgeable group, and I thoroughly enjoy watching them take ownership of the BerniePortal.

Working with this group has been so great. I have gotten to know them not only on a business level, but a personal level as well. I truly feel like we are one team!

-Courtney Cox, BerniePortal Client Success


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