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BerniePortal Broker Spotlight: August 2020

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BerniePortal is more than just a software platform to its licensees– it's a partnership!


In order to demonstrate our commitment to this partnership approach, we've asked Pete Mittelholzer at Bernard Benefits, and their Advisor Success Team Member at BerniePortal, Amanda Loughran, to share their experience as a team! 


Bernard Benefits

Bernard Benefits is a fast-growing employee benefits firm with offices in Nashville, Indianapolis, and Austin helping organizations develop a more sustainable health plan strategy while lowering costs and improving employee benefits. Bernard Benefits mission is to be the worlds most trusted advisor when it comes to helping people plan for their healthcare!


Amanda Loughran

Amanda is a member of the BerniePortal Advisor Success Team. Originally from Richmond, VA, she graduated from Elon University with a BSBA in Business Administration and a minor in Entrepreneurship. In her free time, you can find Amanda at thrift stores, watching live music or taking too many photos of her dogs sleeping. 


A Successful Partnership


Q: How long have you worked together? 

A: Ten months!


What Bernard Benefits Has to Say About the Partnership: 


Working with Amanda has been an amazing resource for me to show an important part of our brokerage services to prospects. It's very helpful to not have to be "selling" all the time and let prospects hear the benefits of BerniePortal from another team member. Amanda knows the portal inside and out and always fields obscure questions with aplomb. Her friendly attitude is also a huge plus and all of the prospects have responded very well to her personality! 


Pete's tips for other brokers who host BerniePortal demos for prospects:

  1. Let the BerniePortal team member handle the demo, while letting the prospect "drive" to see features they want to see. 
  2. Pre-select plan choices if going through dummy enrollment. It can get lengthy for a prospect to watch the demo person go through and elect every single benefit. 


What Amanda Has to Say About the Partnership: 

We've had a lot of great chances to show prospective clients what BerniePortal looks like and I believe demos have aided in winning groups. Allowing them to see BerniePortal in action and ask questions in real-time has proven to be beneficial and makes them confident in moving forward. 

Pete and I have bonded over our shared travels in Australia due to the fact that my BerniePortal demo account is called "The Outback." It's been great to share stories and comments during demos which always gives it a more personal feel. It's been such a pleasure working with Pete and I always look forward to the next chance to hop on a demo!


Amanda's tips for brokers/service team members who are leading demos: 

  1. Don't forget to pause and see if there's anything you could be explaining more in-depth. If it's their first time seeing BerniePortal, it can be a lot to take in and sometimes the prospect isn't willing to interrupt. 
  2. Find your rhythm! When you are confident with the flow of the demo and what you're saying, it will come across as thoughtful and poised. 
  3. Don't be afraid to make jokes and have fun with it! 




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